New In | Gucci Dionysus Dupe

Guys this bag! This bag! I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much I LOVE this bag! 

Who hasn't been obsessing about getting their hands on a " Gucci Dionysus " bag!? Well since I didn't have the funds to dish out $1,700 I thought my best option would be finding a beautiful dupe that wouldn't break the bank. As you guys know I am sort of a master at finding dupes and here I am bringing you the best one yet! 

How GORGEOUS is that bag!? It looks and feels just like the real deal all for a whopping $30! Oh yes please! I am actually eyeing another one from yesstyle and it will soon be mine. Early Christmas gift? I think so! 

You can find this beauty here.


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  1. Uau I want to buy it... is it worth it?


  2. Yes OMG! So, worth it! It's the perfect dupe if you don't want to break the bank!!


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