Meshin Around

Wearing ' Mesh ' during the Winter Season makes me feel like some sort of a badass. I have been taking full advantage of the fact that it hasn't snowed yet. I am hoping maybe it will stay that way until my birthday. One can only hope right?

I think I have mentioned that there are days when I get dressed up and have absolutely no time to snap a few photos. Thank goodness my photographer works a couple blocks away from me. We met up during our lunch break ( 30 mins was more than enough ) to snap a few pictures before I had to go back inside. It sucks that we didn't have time to actually find a place to shoot but I think the random passerby's makes the look stand out even more. 

I snagged this ' Mesh ' top from F21 and I couldn't be happier with it. I decided to style this top with my black high-waisted flared ( lightly distressed ) denim , a crop top , and my nude and black blazer. Adding a layering affect with my wrap coat made the outfit stand out much more even though it was mostly black. Which by the way is my go to colour during the Winter time. 

Top: F21 | Denim: Gap | Blazer: F21 | Coat: H&M | Beanie: F21 | Shoes: H&M | Sunnies: AE

PS: This is the last second to last set of photos I have taken with this hair colour! I cannot wait to show you guys my dramatic change for the New Year!

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