Blogging Tips

So you want to start a blog, but don't know where to start. I would be lying if I said that starting a blog is simple. Blogging is a job. A full-time job. I like to think of it as my job away from my job. I know that it seems like an insane way to think, but it's how I keep my head clear and focused. I don't have to stand on my feet and I can actually enjoy a glass of wine ( or a smoothie ) as I work. Please, if you are underage do NOT drink. I am not promoting giving alcohol to minors!



Organization must be your main goal. If you don't work over the weekend at your normal day job, use the free time over the weekend as an opportunity to organize your bogging life. Whether you use a calendar ( I use a handwritten planner ) or a notebook ( different journals for different ideas ). Take the time to decide how many outfit posts you want to do, lifestyle etc.


Shoot In Advance

After organizing your posts, you should soon begin shooting the content that you have came up with. I tend to shoot in the morning and early evenings, which are the best times to shoot in my opinion.


Schedule The Posts

I always schedule my posts in the early evening. I try to knock out at least 4 to 5 posts on the weekends to be published for the next week and a half. This is content that you don't have to worry about and if you have events that you need to attend, your main focus will be there, whilst you still have plenty of content queued up in your scheduled posts. 


Solidify A Set Date

Decide what days you would like to schedule your posts. Let your followers know so they can stay up to date, which encourages followers to be committed to reading your posts. 


Write Down Your Ideas

Carrying around a journal in your bag to record inspiration and ideas is a great way to stay creative. When you start blogging daily you will need ideas regularly because, let's be real, ideas can come at any time. This way, you can write them down and once you get home, you can start working on the post right away.

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