This is part 2 of my Instagram editing post that I started last week. Whether I am shooting a flatly or an ootd, lighting and framing need to be on point. I got into the habit ( which I still fail at ) of looking at my Instagram as a whole rather than each photo individually. 

Here are some rules I've set up for myself whenever I take photos:

1. Lighting

Natural lighting. Always! I learned this the hard way. It makes for the softest lines and the best colour for your photos. This is why I tend to shoot in the early mornings or the late evenings when the sun isn't at it's highest peak. 

2. Background 

A clean white background has become my go-to, especially for my flatly. Whatever colour preference you have, make it nice and clean. 

3. Angles

Know what angles work best for you or whatever you are shooting. 

4. Framing

Play around with the shot. I normally take around 20+ photos before finding the perfect one that I want to use. Not all photos look good in the center so feel free to play around with it and trust me when I say that it will create something interesting. 

There you have it lovelies my Instagram photo editing tips. 



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