First event of the year and let me say I was really disappointed. Let me explain why. 

One I got the flyer in my email which stated that the Media Walkthrough was from 1-4pm but alas when I got there after one (around 1:30pm) there was no one there. I was created by the sales associates that worked there and they proceeded to tell me about the store and when it opened. Which was fine with me. A little background information will help because honestly I didn't even know that UBIQ was even there. Then it went downhill from there. The sales associate let us call him Matthew told me that the event wouldn't start until 4:30 pm when Chaz French would be performing. He stated that there will be music, drinks and food and that I should come back for the main event. 

That would have been fine with me if I didn't get an entire different email. I was mainly there to check out the new "New Balance " that were launching that day anyways. Seeing as though all of the sales associate were wearing them. This is another reason why the event wasn't that great. I personally think that if you are hosting an event (with shoes) and you invite women that you would carry women sizes. I was WRONG! They only carried men sizes and I would have to purchase the shoes online in order to get it. I proceeded to tell the Reps that were there about the issue and they just told me to order them online. So, I was flat out honest with them. 

How are you going to host an event, invite women and not carry women sizes. Their response was that they didn't come out with women sizes yet. What kind of nonsense am I hearing!? I was livid! Not to mention the other shoe choices for women that they had in store was only 10 pairs!!!!! 

Overall UBIQ isn't really a place for women but mainly men and I am hoping after talking to the reps today that a change will be made. 

Rant over.

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