Bonding Over & Pizza

Washington, DC, USA

I have an unnatural obsession with pizza. I cannot say that I love all forms of it, but I have been eating it almost once a week or twice every 2 weeks. This post is dedicated to my love for Pizza but also to show that you don't need a lot of friends to be happy and have fun. 

Awhile ago I wrote a post about the 'Ugly Side Of The Blogging Community' because, let's all face it, you have seen plenty of the beautiful & wonderful side. The #squadgoals photos, the way we make behind the scenes look amazing when in reality its not. You mentally exclude people because they don't fit into your perfect little circle but you don't know that you're doing it until its to late and its already done. Right? When my friend ( I consider her a friend even though she is a blogger ) disappeared I thought it was a little weird until I had a conversation with her. She opened my eyes to all the bulls*t that was happening that I was to blind to see. I really wanted to be apart of the local blogging community so badly that I was blinded by all the fake people and stupidity in front of me. Crazy, right? 

I have recently chosen to exclude myself from the local blogging community in order to take a step back. I want to create authentic content for my readers in hopes that they enjoy it. So, I will not be posting anymore #bloggerbabes photos on my instagram or my blog because, like I said, I am removing myself from the fake & bringing in the real. You guys will get raw behind the scenes. All the hard work and time put in to maintaining a blog & creating memories. Work hard & play harder is my new life motto! 

I do just want to add this, though: I am not referring to ALL the bloggers in my local blogging community, just a handful of them. 



( I am still over the moon that I had the opportunity to work with Taye Diggs!

* All photos were taken on my iPhone 7+ * 

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