If My Life Was A Soundtrack

Washington, DC, USA
I am not one to judge with everyone's choice in music. I myself have a different taste in music compared to my friends and family. I have a few songs that are my go to's for my everyday life. 

1. Whistle by Black Pink 

2. Back Around by Shannon Saunders

3. Don't Recall by K.A.R.D 

4. Half Moon by Dean

5. Apology by IKON

6. Boom Boom by Seventeen

7. Highlight by Seventeen

8. Decalcomanie by Mamamoo 

9. Better Man by Bumkey

10. I Know by Shannon Williams

There! My Top 10 songs if my life was a soundtrack. These are songs that I listen to everyday when I wake up and also when I am on my way to work as well. I do not think I can go a single day without listening to them. If you guys love them and want more music choices then leave a comment! I will love to recommend more for you guys! 

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