How Important Basics Really Are

Hello Hello babes!

How is it going? Before I dive into this post, I wanted to ask you guys how you all were doing? How are your jobs? School? Uni? Are you staying healthy? Happy? Sad? I want to know it all. I will give you a little life update. I haven't dyed my hair is so long I have been contemplating whether or not I should just go back to my natural hair colour... As much as I love the purple in my hair now, I think I am starting to outgrow the constant change in hair colour. The main reason why I was dying my hair was because I loved having the sense of individuality in DC. Everyone dresses the same. In a sea of suits & ties I wanted to be the girl with the colorful hair and sparkling personality but alas, as I said, I think I am outgrowing it. 

Anyway, now that my rant is over, let me just dive right into this blog post. You guys know my love for basics. They are literally my go to's every time I am stuck looking for an outfit or I just don't feel like getting ready. I always reach for a tee shirt, some skinny jeans, sneakers and a bomber jacket ( since the weather is somewhat nice these days ). For this particular look, I styled my one and only favorite Chambray Tunic from Zara. Honestly this is the only Chambray top that I own so it's no surprise that I have been wearing this in a ton of blog posts in various ways. 

So, quick story, I actually bought these Flared Denim from H&M last year and was on the hunt for them in my own apartment for the last couple of months. I couldn't remember for the life of me where I put them and I was so devastated because they were the dramatic flare I had been looking forever for! Turns out I put them away & just forgot where I put them until just the other day! I was livid with myself for forgetting, but trust me when I say I have been wearing them as much as I can before D.C experiences the desert Summer we have coming.


Tunic: Zara | Flared Denim: H&M | Camel Coat: Uniqlo | Booties: Missguided | Belt: Yoins | Beanie: H&M | Sunnies: F21 

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