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Hello Lovelies, I am back blogging in full spring (not the season) & I honestly have to say that I love it. The feeling of typing away at the at the keys with ' The Big Bang Theory ' for background noise really gets my creative juices flowing.


In a previous post titled "#BeautyNTheBrunch With Eloquii" I talked about how great it was seeing some of my blogger friends & getting back out into the blogging community. As promised for this post I am going to finally touch base on a topic that many people have asked me about. You guys might be asking what but it is how to look expensive on a budget.


I know that I have touched base on this topic before but I wanted to shed some more light on it. For all of my new reader ( I want to say welcome to my blog!) for my readers who have been with me since day one. I would like to say thanks for sticking with me all this time. Anyways let me jump right into this post.


As many of you guys know I shop on a budget. I do not own any name brand items (minus the Michaels Kors bag my sister got me for Christmas a few years ago). As a blogger, when I first started blogging I didn't have an income to purchase certain items so I always found the dupes for them. Now that I am working I partially think I still favor dupes over the real deal. I am not sure why.  I would rather provide my readers with affordable options over flaunting that I can buy or be gifted designer items.


I normally get dupes of whatever is trending to stay within my budget. I get excited when people come up to me & ask me where I get whatever item I am wearing that day. Of course I tell them where I got it & how much the item was. Whether it's a bag, shoes, top or a jacket. I will always share my secrets with everyone who asks. I personally don't think I will ever be ashamed for purchasing dupes. If I could use the money on more important things like traveling? Then I would rather do that.

I am still working on my personal blog post for you guys & I am debating on whether or not I want to start recording videos ( yikes ). I will talk about why I started blogging, finding my niche & sharing some of my favorite items!



Denim Jacket: F21

Blazer: F21

Button Up: F21

Denim: H&M

Tights: F21

Booties: F21

Fedora: F21 









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