H&M Summer Wishlist

Washington, DC, USA

It's about that time! 

Everyone's dreadful nightmare or is that just me? I despise Summer & as much as I love slurped's, the beach ( I sit in the sand ), and lounging by the pool. I really hate Summer. The heat, the humidity, the sweating, & the half naked people. I am all for being comfortable since it's almost 100 degrees outside but isn't there a limit to what you wear? 

Example being: I was walking to the metro minding my own business, listening to music lost in my own world. I came across this woman who was leaning against the bus stop wearing next to nothing clothing & a house arrest ankle bracelet on her ankle. She wasn't wearing a shirt just a bra with a cropped denim vest thrown over, her shorts were so short that her bum was hanging out & a bonnet on her head. 

I am not one to judge on ones appearance & I am a firm believer in dressing to impress yourself & no one else BUT shouldn't there be a limit of what you expose to the public? I think that leaving a bit of mystery is alright. 

I don't mean to talk bad about someone but I feel like as women if we value respect shouldn't we start by respecting ourselves first?

Sorry, I feel like I went on a bit of a rant but I am pretty sure you guys got the gist of what I was trying to say. Anyways....I have made a list of items that I have my eyes on for this Summer. 

If you guys love any of the items I have picked feel free to click the link down below to shop each 


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