Great Falls

Once in awhile it's great to enjoy what mother nature has to offer. It is really amazing just to unwind & take in the beauty. My family & I took a short trip to ' Great Falls ' which is located in Virginia (not that far from my Mum's house). My Mum always calls me with the most random tasks to do. I was enjoying a day at home (playing video games & what not) when she asked if I can get ready & meet her friend that was coming into town. Sometimes there is no saying no to this woman lol. Well the good thing about going was the fact that I got to see my cousin who

I haven't seen in years! I spent the night at my Mum's house ( I was to busy binge watching 13 Reasons Why ). I stayed up all night watching. It was that good but very sad!

So, fast forward a bit & my Mum decided that she wanted to go hiking. She completely forgot that I didn't have the proper clothing & shoes for hiking but I still went anyways. The view was breathtaking & I didn't have cellphone reception but that was what made it amazing. Of course I had to snap some photos with my phone to show you guys.

I cannot wait to go again with the proper hiking attire.

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