New York State Of Mind

Washington, DC, USA

Hello Lovelies,

Living in DC hasn't been the best Fashion wise but I am making due with what I am surrounded with. In a sea of suits & ties, pencil skirts with a basic button up, khaki pants & a polo. How do you stand out when you feel like you are drowning? With no place to really express my individuality ( without the constant stares and whispers ) I often find myself dreaming ( more like a  yearning ) to be back in The Big Apple aka New York City. Where Fashion dreams are literally made of. There are also so many more opportunities there Fashion wise than there is here in Washington DC. Don''t get me wrong there are some amazing qualities about living in DC ( fashion wise ). 

You definitely stand out amongst the masses. Boy do I really mean that. I manage to stand out a lot. From the colour of my hair to my own personal style. I have corporate men & women asking me where I got a certain item from & that they loved the way I styled it. Things like that make my day. Also having an amazing support system makes living here a bit easier. Even though I have been in the DMV ( DC , Maryland & Virginia ) area for years now. I do not consider it my home. I think I am ready for a whole new stomping ground. Whether it's the fashion crazed NYC or my dream place Seoul. Which I think is my final destination. Starting over in a new country is somewhat exciting. 

For my next blog post I will be getting real with you guys. Opening up about something extremely personal. I want you guys to get to know me more on a personal level. It's scary thinking about it. 



Jumpsuit: F21 | Blazer: H&M | Bag: Zara | Oxfords: F21 | Fedora: F21 | Glasses: F21

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