Lost Archives: Cherry Blossoms

Washington, DC, USA

Cherry Blossom for the soul? This past Saturday ( April 8th to be exact ) was the Cherry Blossom Festival. I attended a few years ago and really enjoyed myself so I thought I would go again this year. My god I hated it. LOL. There were way too many people & everything was overpriced after about 20 minutes I was begging to go home. I never understood why the tourists want to purchase anything ' Cherry Blossom ' tee shirts. What is the point? Then you get one for your entire family. Now everyone is wearing matching bright blue tee shirts and hogging up the sidewalks. I was annoyed & over it. 

I am trying to figure out where my love for adventure died off this year. I am becoming more of a homebody & I don't even want to attend Blogger Events right now. I personally think it has everything to do with my job. It is sucking the life & the happiness out of me. I think I need a new change of pace. 

Personally I think I am ready for a change of pace. I thought working with Fashion would be easy & I would constantly have ideas coming to me. In the end I was wrong & it's quite the opposite. I am unhappy. Seriously fucking unhappy. 

What do I do?

I need to find my passion again...when did I lose it? 

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