Girl Gang

I have been allowing more & more colour into my wardrobe lately & I am not complaining.

I recently quit my job at Forever 21 and I must admit it was easier than I thought it was going to be. I was tired of being at a job where I wasn't getting anywhere & I was mentally, emotionally and also physically drained. Even though someone like me who LOVES & breathes Fashion just up and quit. Why? As I was explaining to my coworker my reasoning for putting in my resignation. Her response? That the company should be afraid that someone who worked as hard as I did, who enjoyed what she did.... I just stared at her in awe. I was indeed shocked by what she said.

I will get back into Fashion but right now I think I just want to take a break from it....minus blogging of course. I will not take another hiatus right now. I know how much you guys missed me. LOL.

Anyways. I wanted to give you guys a bit of a life update! Along with quitting my job I finally met up with blogger babes Patty from Pattys_Kloset & Mekita from Rivaraves! We met at this cute this restaurant called Homestead. I mean brunch with amazing women & food! What more can a girl want? I am sure I am not the only one that notice that instagram has been nothing but a pain in the ass lately...but I can definitely say some good has come out of it. I have been planning on meeting these lovely ladies for so long in person but something always came up which prevented that.

Mekita chose a cute little brunch spot & we all immediately fell in love. It was an old DC house that was transformed into a cool restaurant/bar. We ended up ordering the same thing ( great minds think alike ). Let me just say the omelette was delicious despite the size. We talked, got to know each other + decided to meet for brunch once a month. Our goal is to try every brunch spot in DC!

I cannot wait!

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Blazer: H&M

 T-Shirt: F21

 Jeans: F21

 Necklace: Boohoo

 Sunnies: F21

 Mules: F21

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