Minimalism At Its Best

As much clothing I own, I find myself reaching for the same articles of clothing constantly.

Why? I often ask that question to myself. What is the need for all these clothing that I have only worn once? Will I ever wear them again? Why am I allowing materialistic items to consume my life so much? At first I blamed it being a blogger & needing a variety of options to show you guys (my readers) but in the end I learned that wasn't the case. Why do I need 20 Fedoras? 30+ Outerwear options? Over 100 pairs of shoes!? I am all for having options but I think I have gotten a little out of hand.

Granted I did donate a lot of my materialistic items to Women & Children in need plus I also sell some of the clothing, shoes & bags that I don't use. Even that wasn't enough. My clothing is literally taking over my apartment to the point where I have 2 clothing racks taking up an immense amount in space in my living room..granted I planted my desk right in the middle (by the way I hardly use my desk).

With that being said. I have made a deal with myself. I won't purchase anything new ( unless it's a collaboration ) & I will style ALL the items that I have in my wardrobe. Then as I style them I will ask for YOU guys to vote on whether or not I should keep them! I think you guys can handle that right?

I will let you guys know when I start but what should it be called!?


Shop My Look Below:

Top: F21

Belt: F21

Jeans: NA-KD

Shoes: F21

 Fedora: F21

Sunnies: F21 







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  1. Loved reading your post. Beautifully written and amazing photos.