Currently Loving Burgundy Blazers Look 1

Washington, DC, USA

I am a sucker for a good blazer. Especially ones that are on sale. I do however have a very funny story about this blazer.

So, when I was working at Forever 21, our store was conveniently located right next to an H&M. Which as you all should know by know is one of my go to stores. It replaced Forever 21 since I quit but I have absolutely no complaints about it. None what so ever. With that being said...I walked by H&M on a daily basis and in the window they placed this beautiful Burgundy Striped Blazer. It's like they knew I was going to be walking by on the particular day they decided to put them out. I walked in and went straight for the window to see the price..$60. Shit. I wasn't going to be dishing out $60 for one item even if it was a beautiful blazer. What to do? What to do? The only thing that I could do at this point was wait it out until it went on sale and snag it if it was still in stores.

Weeks literally passed and I was starting to lose hope until my friend that works there told me to come back on Monday morning because they were going to be marking down A LOT of items. I asked her about this particular blazer and she said yes it was going to be on sale. So, I hauled my ass over to H&M and almost trampled over a woman to get this blazer. There was only 3 left in the store when I got there and I spent my entire lunch break in line with the biggest smile on my face. I just couldn't contain my excitement. I bought more than one blazer that day and let me just say even though it's Summer I have been wearing them religiously. Fuck the heat. I wear what I want!

I wore this look on my first day of work and I got tons of compliments on the blazer. Which should come as no surprise. I will be posting some work looks on Instagram or maybe even here. Who knows. I am also going to be doing haul videos but only posting them on instastories. I haven't gotten to the point where I want to record and edit a whole video. Who knows. I do plan to start vlogging soon.


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