My Holy Grail Products

Washington, DC, USA

Makeup isn't something that I wear everyday but it's something that I like wearing non-the-less. I don't really go all out like most women ( and men ) who wear makeup do. I don't like wearing concealer. I don't even know how to contour my face, or do any of the extra 1000 steps they do to create a natural look. I never understood why putting on 5lbs of makeup just say look like they didn't put on any in the first place. Although, I still watch youtube videos because lets be real what they do is an ART! Beautiful, beautiful art.

By the way I only said what I said before because I overheard a conversation on the train one day and I had to question humanity for a moment. LOL. I try to keep my makeup just like my life....minimal. I will be linking some products that I use on a weekly basis. As someone who doesn't wear makeup that often I tend to switch up a lot of the makeup that I use. I normally stick with drugstore makeup or my favourite next affordable go to... NYX.

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  1. What is your go to makeup choice? Like if you had to choose?