Earth Henna At Home

Washington, DC, USA

Hello babes! I cannot believe I am dishing out another blog post for July and all before I start my new job! I personally think that I am on a role! Let's hope that I can keep up this pace once I start my full time job. If the caption didn't give it away this post is about Henna! Earth Henna to be exact. 

Everyone loves Henna right? Whether you're in the Caribbean sipping on Malibu and Pineapple ( which is my all time favourite drink right after Coronas of course ) or in Miami just for a quick getaway when you cannot really make it to the islands. I think that there is something beautiful about Henna when it's done properly of course. No one wants shi*ty Henna. 

If I can share a bit of truth with you guys ( does that make sense? ) I really want a tattoo! I have been wanting one since my Senior year in High-school. I had my old classmate Alex create one for me and it was the best thing ever ( I still have it to this day ) and I just never got it done. I keep asking myself why? Why haven't I gotten it done? I myself cannot even answer that question. 

Man, I feel like I tend to go off topics lately in these blog posts but it's time to get BACK on topic and talk about this ' Earth Henna + Earth Jagua ' kit I received in the mail. I have only tried Henna once in my life and I really liked it so when I had the opportunity to do it again but from the comforts of my own home I quickly jumped on it. Before I get started let me just say that this kit is available in the US! You can purchase it from Urban Outfitters, Fuego, Tilly's and Whole Foods! I mean can you believe that Whole Foods sells this Henna! 

The packaging was simple but all the contents and the instructions were easy to read and solve . Yes, kids it's THAT easy to do Henna at home. There were a total of 8 steps I think...the only downfall was the waiting time to peal off the Henna. 6 hours. I was icthing ( not literally ) to peel it off and show it off. I did a total of 4 on my body. 1 on my shoulder, 1 on my chest , 2 on my left wrist. I am only going to show you guys the 2 on my wrist. LOL. 

Earth Henna kits

 • Earth Henna paste lasts 2-3 weeks once mixed, if refrigerated (as opposed to 3 days for traditional henna paste
• No added application of lemon/sugar solution needed to achieve dark, rich stain 
• 16/35 Stencil transfers included (depending on kit)
 • Stencils are reusable 5-6 times each 
• Enough product included for 15/30 designs (depending on kit
• Pre-measured for perfect henna paste consistency every time 
• Shelf life: 2 years

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