Why Mental Health is NOT A Joke

Okay, let's get personal. I mean really personal. Everyone in their own way deal with their mental health differently. I know for me I tend to tell someone when I am having an off day so they know and can help me push through it. But the thing is in the beginning I never told anyone when I was having an off day and tried to tackle it alone. I then learned that , that was a terrible idea. The idea is to feel better not worst am I right?


Now, what if your anxiety, depression, ptsd etc was so bad that you thought no one would understand you, could help you, that feels your pain or even cares about you enough to listen. That is the hardest. When you feel alone and that no matter what you do no one will understand you and love you even though you are loved by many. You feel a void and empty, like you're drowning with no way of reaching the surface.


In the end once you have had enough the thought of ending your own life crosses your mind. You think this is quite often until your breaking point. Already disconnected from the world....you have 2 choices. Reach out to someone ANYONE who you think will listen or just end it all because you want the pain and the episodes to stop. Whether or not we want to admit it...I think we all have our " Down Days " that is what I call them. When you wake up and you're just in a funk and you don't know why.


My advice would be to get help. Talk to someone....anyone. It is heartbreaking when someone you care about takes their own life because they feel like the whole world is against them. In the end your heart breaks and you start to question yourself.


Why didn't I see the signs?


Why did you do it?


You keep thinking this over and over. I could have helped. These questions will be going through your mind everyday. But even your answer will be complete and utter bullshit.


So, I say this....PLEASE get help. If any of you guys are suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide PLEASE talk to someone. Hell you can even shoot me an email and I WILL BE YOUR LISTENING EAR! Just do NOT suffer alone and in silence. I beg you.


Suicide Hotline


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  1. this is such a deep post....I wish that everyone suffering from depression would seek help. this isn't something to mess with.