NYC Recap PT 1

New York, NY, USA

Well hello there lovelies! I am getting better and better sitting down and writing out these blog posts for you guys. So, as many of you guys know ( from my instastories ) I recently took a trip to my favourite city of all time. New York! Oh man, I swear I always go through some serious withdrawals every single time I leave. I am not sure if it's the atmosphere, the people, the bustling city life or their terrible ( & I do mean terrible ) train system. I mean no air conditioner are you TRYING to kill people in this heat. At least here in DC we have the luxury of having majority of our train station with air conditioner and also during these crazy rainy seasons some of them do flood!

This post is just a quick recap of all the crazy fun I had with my friend Ingrid from @inthegrids ( make sure you guys check out her instagram ) & my new found friend Sunny from @sunny_like_the_weather ( check him out as well ). Whenever I plan my trips out to NYC I normally take the bus cause it is cheaper. That can be a good thing but also a bad thing. Sitting down for 4 hours or more with a bunch of people first thing in the morning isn't my cuppa tea but hey it's cheaper than the train. Even though I think maybe next time I will take the train up to the big apple. I will just have to get my ticket in advance rather than last minute per usual.

Okay, lets get back on topic but before I do... I really wanted to vlog this trip but I didn't have the patience to do so...SO with that being said I will definitely get on that my next trip to show you guys what I get up too when I visit my crazy friend. Alright seriously this time I am going to recap.

I arrived in the city before 11 am which was a bit of a shocker to me because I always plan for the insane amount of traffic that blesses NYC on a daily. One of the other reasons why I cannot really see myself living in a city that literally never sleeps. I kinda like the silence even though the area that I live isn't always silent.

Since Ingrid was running late, I took it upon myself to do some shopping to kill time whilst I waited for her. The beautiful Olive Palazzo pants that I was wearing....the zipper broke so I was on the hunt for a pair of pants and of course the first store that I visited was H&M. Here's where it all goes to shit in a good way. Whilst my intention was finding a new pair of pants to know me I always have to browse the entire store. Quick side note...I actually had a conversation with blogger Linh Winn ( check her out @linhwinn ) and she was wearing this tee shirt that I had my eye on. Like I mentioned in my last OOTD blog post ... if I see an item and I see it over and over it's meant to be. Well, I was actually hunting for this particular tee shirt but was disappointed when they were sold out. Maybe it wasn't meant to be right? Instead of finding the tee shirt I came across this beautiful Satin Burgundy Blazer ( mind you this is still part of their buy 2 get 1 free sale ). At this point, I already found a pair of BF Jeans even though the description said " Booty Jeans ". Wtf are Booty Jeans!? Basically I was changing my entire outfit in this H&M without realizing it until Ingrid and I went to snap some quick looks of each-other. My initial outfit was the Palazzo pants, a White Button Up , Pink Sandals and a matching blush pink backpack. Lets just say when I left NYC I was wearing....the burgundy blazer, the booty bf jeans, and a cute pair white loafers that I purchased from Forever 21 because my pink sandals didn't match my new outfit. Twas a good day ( minus the oily face ).

After what seemed like forever...I finally met up with Ingrid and we made our way to a Coffee/Diner called ' Nickel and Diner '. I will go into a food review on a later post. Until then I will end this post here because I feel like if I don't it's going to go on forever and I don't want you guys bored! So, stay tuned for Part 2! Until then feel free to shop my look below!


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