Chillin In My Happy Socks

Washington, DC, USA

I love a good pair of socks. Anyone listened to Jojo's new song " Vibe "? In the first verse she sings 

' I was cool already, way before you met me...'
' In my Timbs ( timberlands ) and my Happy Socks....'

I am going to be completely honest with you guys...I sure as hell didn't know that Happy Socks was an actual brand until I googled them! Now who would have thought that I would be here sitting down ( wearing a pair of their socks ) writing this blog post out for you guys? I am beyond thrilled to have this opportunity to actually work with them. I mean who wouldn't right? 

I was able to pick 4 pairs of socks & one underwear. I opted for minimal to match my aesthetic & also the underwear that matched one pair of socks. I mean who are going to be seeing I right? So, I thought it was okay to share them with you guys. They are mesh and were completely breathable. I loved them. Super comfy. Definitely recommend. I recently came back from a little mini vacation in San Diego, California and 3 out of the 4 pairs made the trip with me. I was there for about 9 days ( not counting the day that I actually landed ) & even though I brought other pairs of socks with me...I honestly kept gravitating more towards my Happy Socks. I was even stopped & had random strangers asking me where I got them from. It sucks traveling and only bringing 2 pairs of shoes with you but in the end it all turned out well. 

This is one brand that I will be purchasing from. Who knows which pairs I will surprise you guys with next time! 

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