My Everyday Routine

Being unemployed isn't the best feeling in the world and even though I would much rather have an income; right now I don't really have that option. SO, until something falls into my lap....I am happy to say that I have been blogging full time and even started vlogging! I also attend more events and I work alongside my Mentor Skye on some upcoming projects and of course NYFW is right around the corner! I have been determined to make the best out of not working until I go back.


With that being said. I wanted to share an updated 'Everyday Work Routine' with you guys. I am still awake sometimes before 8 or 9am each day. I cannot sleep in...I feel like half my day is over if I do. I don't see how people can sleep until noon.


I actually thought about recording a video for you guys BUT I am a tad bit cranky in the mornings so I opted for this option instead.


1.Check My Phone

This is mainly for any missed calls or texts I received when I was asleep. For example on Friday morning I woke up to 7 missed calls. Crazy right? Well that just means whoever I called gets a call back first thing ( after I no longer have my morning voice ). Same with text messages.


2.Actually Waking Up

I give myself about 20-30 minutes to fully wake up. I am not ashamed to say that I am grumpy & hella groggy in the mornings. I am confused , frustrated & irritable. So, I saunter to the bathroom, brush my teeth, wash the sleep off my face & start the day.


3.Checking My Email

Blogging 101! Checking your email. It's like second nature now. Even though we live in the modern age of technology and everyone has their emails connected to their mobile devices....I actually prefere checking my email on my laptop. Sipping on a nice cuppa tea, a smoothie or if I really need a morning pick me up COFFEE!


4.Brunch At Home

I am not really a big breakfast eater. I will probably have a smoothie that will hold me over until I really feel like eating. Who am I kidding. Even at home I lose track of time & breakfast turns into Brunch. I am busy...creating content, editing videos, taking photos ( flatlays ) to keep track of the time. My stomach literally has to curse me out in order for me to actually move.


5.Taking A Much Needed Break

I can easily get absorbed with whatever I am working on but even I know when it's time to step away from what I am working on. Whether it's watching ' Running Man ' a K-Drama ( nothing has peaked my interest since Goblin ) or play online. I have an Xbox so I tend to go play for about 30-1 hour. My current games on repeat are Mass Effect , Overwatch & Call of Duty.


I literally do all of this by 1pm. If I am working on a video then 2pm. I stop what I am doing, get ready then go shoot some looks for the blog. That is literally majority of my days in a nutshell. I hate staying in though so I always end up leaving to go to a coffee spot , for a walk or to the gym.


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