San Diego Day 1+2 ( Photodiary )

San Diego, CA, USA

Hello everyone it's been awhile hasn't it? I am actually somewhat on vacation ( not really ) my sister has a baby so my Mum & I are currently in San Diego ( I came as a surprise ). I really wanted to meet my nice in person because the photos weren't cutting it and to be honest I am the only one in my family that really has an eye for photography.

Side note: Since I won't have access to a photographer so I am attemptingg to use my Mum as one & let me say I would have done a better job myself but since I don't have the luxury of a tripod. I have to rely on her. So, this is to say sorry in advance for my OTTD photos haha. 


Aside from being a Fashion Blogger... I have been dipping into the Lifestlye and Travel categories as well. Although, like I mentioned before that I am in San Diego for about 10 days and it's kinda sorta turning out to be the trip from hell. I am letting the first day slide because in a way I am still holding onto some hope that the remaining days will be better. If not ...then I might be cutting my trip short and returning to Washington DC without looking back. 

Until then I will just enjoy all the time I can with my new born niece. Her name is Audri and she sounds like a baby kitten when she cries ( more like whimpers ). I swear it's the cutest thing ever & I am in love.


Wow! I made I to day 2! Waking up in the beautiful San Diego is surreal. The weather is beautiful ( slight chill in the air ) which as you all know I love BUT I didn't really pack for the cooler weather. 
Day 2 was a bit more interesting than day 1 but not by much. I was kinda annoyed that we didn't get to go to Seaport Village. It was number 1 of my list of places to visit whilst here in San Diego. I honestly want it to be pushed back to another day and not just ignored. keeping my fingers crossed that we get to go. 

Today though my Mum & I actually visited the mall that was up the street from my sisters apartment. Even though it was a 6 minute drive from her said it was around a 24 minute walk and I was not about to that. But as you know I had to do some shopping whilst I am here. Would I be a good blogger if I didn't? I actually recorded a small video about outer little shopping adventure that I would love for you guys to check out down below! 

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