Washington, DC, USA
Women! This post is for you...and men ( if you are shopping for your wife, girlfriend or yourself... ). I know we all love the feeling of having brand new undies because I know that I do! It is like your best kept secret that maybe you want someone to know or maybe not.

No one knows what you're wearing so it makes you either feel powerful, sexy or even mischievous...maybe all of the above!

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with an amazing brand named " Bootaybag " ( there is an A in there but I will leave the link as well ). When you sign up for Bootaybag services you get sent 2 beautiful undies per month! If you guys are curious about how it not fret I will let you all know. Bootaybag is a subscription that will charge you $12 on the 15th of each month. Getting new undies isn't in your budget that month? Not to worry! You have the option to skip the month so you don't have to sign up again. Less hassle that way.

You can choose from thongs, boyshorts, cheeksters etc! It's always a surprise. You never know what you are getting!

PS: They offer a bralette as well!

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