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Washington, DC, USA
Fall is my happy Season. I personally think that I create more content in the Fall because I am all snuggled up either at home or at my favourite Coffee spot. Why? Let's be honest here my wardrobe is built for the Fall + Winter months. I don't really like Winter but I do love outerwear. With Fall comes the need for bigger bags ( I tend to got really quickly ) to shove things into. Although I would normally just hold whatever it is in my hand so it doesn't weigh my bag down. As someone who prefers writing in a journal over carrying my iPad or laptop everywhere having a backpack makes life easier especially with all the walking that I do ( currently my form of exercise lol no shame ).

Have you guys ever had to step back and evaluate why you started to do something in the first place? That has honestly been me this month. I took another step back to re-evaluate why I am still blogging. But then it dawned on me. Because I fucking loved it! Along the way I lost why I loved blogging in the first place. It was my escape haven from my shitty reality but after awhile I felt like I was becoming a blur. Nothing was making me happy and I wanted to hide away from everyone and everything. Not anymore! I am putting myself back in the blogging community! I am working towards losing the weight I gained when I was going through a depressing phase in my life. I feel like I am in a happier place in my life. I wake up in a good mood. I am smiling alot more without faking it & when I look at myself in the mirror...I am happy with the woman I have become.

With that being said look forward to more regular scheduled posts again! Plus I will be taking a weekend trip up to NYC for my babes Ingrid's birthday! Also my love Chae is visiting from Seoul and I cannot wait to finally meet her in person! Vlog's to come! If you guys love my bag then you could use code " lefashiojia15 " for 20% off of your purchase! I actually have been using this backpack everyday since I got it! It's made with strong durable vegan leather ( because I cannot own real leather ) which is perfect for my everyday use. Plus thinking about taking it hiking with me! Happy shopping!

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Tee: Adidas
Jeans: Forever 21
Blazer: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Beanie: Charlotte Russe
Headphones: Sony

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