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Washington, DC, USA
Hi Lovelies!

Sorry it's been awhile since I wrote anything since the African American Museum but I wanted to bring you guys another ' Beauty Tuesdays ' post since I definitely missed writing one last week but that wasn't going to stop me from bringing you guys one this week!

With that being said I wanted to share a new product with you guys that I honestly finished rather quickly & I am dying to get my hands on another one.

Maple HOLISTIC Botanical therapy Shampoo

I will be doing the Pro's and the Con's with this shampoo. As you guys I like to keep things 100% honest with you! So, with that being said let jump right into the Cons first. 

Cons: This Shampoo is Highly Concentrated! So, it literally stripped the color out of my hair. I currently have Faux Locs in my hair and I really needed to give my scalp a nice wash but I woke up with a blue t-shirt. Cause my hair was blue black now it's like a blonde, green & blue mixture. Let me just say that I hate it. I didn't realize that it was THAT concentrated so that is something I have to keep in mind next time. Although I am slowly trimming off the bleached ends so that I have beautiful healthy hair.

Another Con would be that it's a really small bottle so ration out how much you use because you will finish the bottle rather quickly. It's about 8 oz. and I was so sad when I finished the bottle. 

& Now for the Pro's! 

Pros: My scalp felt & looked amazing. I was literally in tears when I finished the bottle. I felt like my whole world just went up in flames. I know that I am being a little dramatic but hey you know when you find that product that just makes you feel & look amazing!? You would be in tears too. 

It's like a treatment for your scalp. After you lather the product you leave it sit on your scalp for about 2-3 minutes then rinse out. Like I mentioned above.....please be careful how you ration out your portions. Make it last.

Another Pro would be the price! This shampoo is EXTREMELY affordable. Actually if you guys visit their website ( click here ) everything on there won't break the bank. Very good for women with natural hair as well.  If you guys want to shop this shampoo directly then you can click here

Are you guys ready for another Pro?! They actually give away FREE ( you read that correctly ) products! How awesome is that!? You can actually test out which products you want to try before you spend your own money on it. 

Basically, what I am saying is that you guys should definitely check them out and definitely show some love! Because I just want you guys to have amazing hair like I do!

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