Trend #1 | The Checkered Blazer

Washington, DC, USA
Keeping up with trends can be kind of hard. The constant money being spent is annoying and sometimes half of the time it's not really worth keeping with the trends. Besides, fashion comes back around all the time so you are better off putting all of your trendy items away in storage and waiting until they come back in style. I wish that this was something I did because literally everything I donated in the past year has come back around full throttle and I am here like ' OMG WHY!? '.

I had a beautiful Checkered Coat that I got from Forever 21 and because le boyfriend didn't like it he made me get rid of it. I know it'e being put to use by another woman or child who needed it so I am not really upset about that. It was mainly just an example.

I also had tons of Cabbie Hats , Berets etc and I got rid of them all because I thought they would NEVER come back in style! I wore them often during my first year in college and I loved them. Alas, I did outgrow them and I decided to give them to goodwill BUT now they are back and I am full of regrets! I don't want to buy a new one but man oh man are they tempting me.

Although, for this Checkered Blazer it was a done deal. Not only is it super cute, it's pretty thick as well. I didn't want to dish out $60 for it so I did what I normally do when I want something. I wait and I was happy that I did! Because I got this beauty for a whopping $30! That is HALF of the regular price! I contemplating waiting a bit longer to snag it but my size was the first to go. I did size up because I wanted it to be a little bigger so I could wear sweaters and hoodies underneath.

Overall, I think that this is the perfect investment/staple piece for your wardrobe. This is one item that will be around forever! Get on that! I have linked a few down below! Shop till you lovelies drop!

If I am not able to write another post before Christmas then I will just say Merry Christmas and spend it with your families and loved ones!

shop my look below:

Leather Jacket : Marshalls 
Blazer : H&M
Tee : Thacker
Jeans : Forever 21
Combat Boots : TjMaxx
Bag : H&M

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