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Oh my goodness! It’s a fresh week and even though I was sick... I still wanted to keep my promise and continue writing out new posts for you all. I have gotten such an amazing response to Beauty Tuesdays that even though initially I was only going to test it out for a few months....I have decided to keep testing & sharing my reviews with you all.

For this weeks ‘ Beauty Tuesdays ‘ I will be talking about a brand named “ Apoterra “.

A little about the brand: Apoterra means  “derived from th me earth“. They are devoted to helping solve adult skincare issues like dry skin, adult acne and premature aging.

As I always disclose whenever I do a beauty post whether or not it is a collaboration. Even though this is a collaboration all thoughts and opinions are my own.

So, should we just jump right into the pro’s & con’s?

I received the ‘Rose’ Nourishing Serum + ‘Night’ Regenerative Balm.

Let’s start with the ‘Night’ Regenerative Balm.

Pros: It’s an easy travel size. So, you can take it with you without any problems. Which is always a plus right?

Cons: I don’t like the smell. It is an extremely strong smell that I cannot get past. The bf actually begged me to rewash my face because it was very overpowering. That was something that i had to take into consideration.

I am not sure if I mentioned this or not but I have an over sensitive nose. In some of my really really old blog posts I mentioned that I go into a sneezing frenzy or my nose burns when it comes to overly strong smells. Anything from perfume, facial products or even some foods. So, as much as I wanted to love this product and include it in my nightly routine....I am sad to say that I couldn’t.

The Regenerative Balm does come in a sample size...which I am unsure of the price  but the biggest size is about 1oz and it is $45.

Next would be the ‘Rose’ Nourishing Serum.

I don’t really use oils often because I have naturally oily skin but after I use my toner my face does end up a little dry. Hence the oil but just like the Nourishing balm....the smell overpowered my poor sense of smell.

I am not in any way bad mouthing “Apoterra” or anything so I don’t want any of you to think that way. I pride myself on being 100% honest even though I was the one who picked the items to test out. I personally think that they aren’t for me but just because they aren’t for me doesn’t mean any of you guys wont love their products.

I think that you guys should check out their website and see everything that they offer for yourselves!

Overall I would give it a 3/10!

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