Why I Decided To Live A Happier Life!

Time to get a bit personal. Last year was just a rollercoaster of emotions. So, many bad & negative things happened that I vowed 2018 would be different. I cut out the toxic people, people who stopped talking to me and people who were just using me. I wanted to make friends so I tolerated a lot of bullshit that I normally wouldn't and in the end I just became unhappy and lost who I was.

I forgot what made me happy & who made me happy.

As I sit in my new found coffee spot & I write this out...I realized that I forgot my goals & who I wanted to be. What were my goals? Did I still want to be a content creator? Did I love what I was doing anymore? Along the way I lost myself and I really needed to sit down and write out a list of things to change so that I could be happy in the year to come. Which of course is this year!

My number one goal to accomplish this year was becoming happier & healthier. No more negative thoughts. I am perfect the way I am. I will not change for anyone.

Some of you guys asked me on Instagram what my New Year resolutions were and even though the month of January is almost over I still wanted to share them with you all.

1. Becoming a much happier person ( physically & emotionally ).

2. Don't try to be friends with people who will just use you.

3. Eat well & travel often ( It's cliche but yah girl wants to travel ).

4. Take 30 minutes to myself and write ( not many of you guys know but I love to write....short stories etc...maybe one day I will write a novel ).

5. Cook more ( waiting for my Mum to pass on the recipes already!! ).

6. Drink less Coffee ( my body will hate me for this. PS: I am currently drinking coffee as I write this ).

7. Find hidden hems around my city ( this is pretty self explanatory lol).

8. Drink More Water ( Fail! Epic offing fail already ).

9. Reach out to old friends ( not all just some.. )

10. Enjoy the year! ( I will try to stay off my phone as much as possible...key word .... TRY )

My list is longer so I just did the top 10! As you can see the gym isn't on there but that's a battle I will tackle this year. My mission is a nice summer body. I have Caribbean weddings to attend!

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