NYC Photo Diary

I consider New York my second home because I a always & I do mean ALWAYS there but during my last trip something struck me. Why? Why did I consider the city that never sleeps a home? That question has been replaying over and over in my mind. At the moment ( minus the class I just taught ) nothing really benefitted me. I was dishing out money to see friends that always came up with an excuse when I asked them to visit instead. Why?

I could be saving that money and actually going somewhere else rather than just 4 hours. I wanted to fly more, visit different states & differet WHY was I limiting myself to just NYC!?

Where I did love NYC I thought it was time for me to venture somewhere else. Next on my list?






There are so many choices! I used both regular & film to shoot! So, I hope you enjoy my photos!


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  1. Would you be interrested in writing a few articles or posting some photo galleries on my site?

  2. Could you possibly send me an email with more information please?


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