3 Things I Struggle With As A Blogger


I am not feeling this bipolar weather. As much as I prefer warmer weather over cold ( I will miss layering ) I currently dislike that it is warm one day and freezing cold the next. I feel like that was the main reason I forgot all about this look until today!

Instead of writing about this look. I wanted to get a little real with you all! I am not going to lie I don’t have it together all the time & hell there are some things even bloggers struggle with. So, I am going to be sharing 3 things that I struggle with. Maybe even your favourite bloggers struggle with these as much as I do.

With that being said. It is time to share my struggles with you all.


Read away!

1. Putting my phone down

Since I am working from home at the moment it is easy to get distracted from doing work. I find myself getting distracted just by simply picking up my phone. When I finally catch myself I have written about 5 words but wasted about 2 hours on Instagram for no damn reason. Straining my neck and my eyes on a phone screen instead of what needed to be done. Now when I have shit to do...my phone stays on silent next to me ( unless I need it to take photos of my flat-lays ) and I keep myself in working mode until I finish about half of my work. Then only then do I reward myself with some phone time.

2. Coming to terms with reality

When it comes to my Social Media... I believe in quality over quantity! I pride myself in creating quality content for you guys hence why I only post once a day on Instagram. This is why I also vowed to write about 3 blog posts a week ( I am currently failing at the moment ) but hey sometimes life happens so you lose balance and that is okay. You need to remember that it is YOUR blog and social media not anyone else's and allowing yourself to take breaks here and there is completely fine.

3. Utilizing the weekends

When I first started blogging...shooting on the weekends were life. I planned out my outfits through out the week, shot on the weekends and had so many blog posts scheduled in advance. I felt so content with that set up but then I started getting lazy. I spent my weekend playing videos games and going out with friends. I wanted to create memories with my friends and lost my passion for blogging a bit ... but now... I am literally BACK ( I feel like I keep saying that ) but I am and I am focusing on my blog and on my happiness.

SO, with that being said...I a going back to utilizing my weekends to shoot amazing content for you guys. Debating on if I should shoot 2 looks on Saturday and 2 on Sundays. That right there alone is 4 looks that I can write out and schedule. That also works out so I can focus on the current collaborations I am working on!

Well there you have it lovelies. 3 things that I struggle with at the moment but I am looking to change all of that hopefully before March. Even though March is in a few days!




Hoodie Dress: H&M

Tights: Forever 21

OTK Boots: Charlotte Russe

Bag: Forever 21

Beanie: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: Forever 21

Coat: H&M

Sunnies: Eye Buy Direct


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