Lets Get Coffee #1


Guys guys guysssss! I have decided to start a new series on the blog  called " Lets Get Coffee " where I take you all around DC and NYC to some amazing coffee locations. I was actually going to just create one post and list locations but I thought this way was going to be much more fun and insightful for you guys! Plus I get to share even hidden gems with you all that are located around each city.



So, the first place I wanted to talk about is of course Compass Coffee. You guys know ( if you follow me on instagram ) that I practically LIVE at Compass! I love the staff their & I love the fact that they no longer ask my name & they spell it right! Plus they make the best Iced Caramel Soy Latte in the world! It is the perfect balance of love in a cup!



Plus their prices are amazing! I have another lovely location next week so stay tuned! I am excited about this series. I will be heading back to NYC in another week & I will be sharing some pretty dope coffee spots whilst I am there.



I hope you guys like this new series I am bringing to the blog!



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