6 Fun & Cheap Things To Do In DC On A Budget!


This city can be pricey as all hell and if you're on a serious budget after dishing out almost $1k-$3k on rent and you still want to enjoy the city then this post is for you! Grab a pen and a notepad because I am going to list 6 fun affordable things for you to do around the city.

I am personally always on a budget. That is how I have learned to survive in the city. Even if I don't need to be on a budget I still live on one.


DC is filled with so many FREE ( yes you read that correctly ) Museums. My all time favourite one is definitely the Renwick & the African American Museum. The downfall about the African American Museum would be that you do need a pass but the passes are free but EXTREMELY limited! The Renwick is an art Museum that showcases different artists. The best thing about it is that the Art changes up every month so the pieces are never the same. It's like going to a new Museum every time!


I love hiking! This is something you and your friends or your significant other can do! My family and I love going to " Great Falls ". Granted it's not located in the city and you do have to drive but when I say that it is worth it...it is SO worth it! You can hike, rock climb, play sports and go water rafting. I would suggest bringing your own food because the food at Great Falls are kinda on the pricey side. So, we always venture to 7-eleven to pick up some snacks and water!


You guys know of my dangerous addiction to Soy Iced Caramel Latte's recently. I cannot even begin to tell you guys the last time I stepped foot into a Starbucks. I am always on the search for not only dope coffee spots but affordable ones as well.  My current spot that I always go is Compass Coffee as you guys know. They make the best Soy Iced Caramel Latte's in the world plus they are reasonably priced!

Walks Around The City:

This is something that is that I personally love doing. Putting my headphones in my ear, turning up my music and just walking. Sometimes I shoot photos of the city and sometimes I sit down on a bench and write as well. I always have so many ideas swirling around in my head that I have to stop to get them out.

The Zoo:

I personally haven't been to the Zoo here in the city in years! The Zoo itself is free but you do have to pay for parking. I would recommend taking the metro if you don't mind walking. The Zoo also has a variety of events that they host as well. Although majority of them you have to pay for. They are on the costly side so that would be your decision.

Events On The National Mall:

There are always events on the National Mall that are free! Right now it is the Cherry Blossom Festival! You can attend free but pay for everything else that they offer. Like food, souvenirs of course and drinks.

Well there you have it guys! 6 things you can do on a budget around the city! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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