Why I Decided To Change My Instagram Feed!

Oh, I was dreading writing this post...but then I realized something. Lately I have been extremely happy with what I have been creating lately. I didn't want to blend in anymore when it came to my feed! I wanted to be different. I wanted my instagram feed to stand out now especially since the rise of instagram bloggers.

I personally think that it all tied into when I decided to cut my hair. My outlook on a lot if things changed after that. I no longer wanted to be in competition with anyone. I also didn't want to compare myself to anyone anymore. It did give me a chance to sit back and observe though. Why was everyone going bat shit crazy to have a feed that looked like someone else's? Why were people obsessing over having an orange feed?

So, I told myself that it was completely okay that certain brands had a " look " they wanted. It just meant that I was able to work with even better brands!

I went from having a minimal feed to moody/contrast to where I am now. I love my black & white feed. It makes me feel like I am in my own personal Noir film.

I am on my way to a happier and healthier lifestyle and the first thing I decided to clean up was my social media!

Are we loving my Noir feed?

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