Let's Get Coffee ep# 2


I recently visited NYC for an awesome event hosted by Ideal Of Sweden and of course no trip would be complete without visiting a coffee spot. This time I had the pleasure of visiting a coffee spot called Outro Coffee. I have never been before so it was exciting. Ingrid, Joann and I visited after our Ideal Of Sweden event at the Kimberly Hotel which by the way was beautiful! The view and the food was oh my goodness!


The weather was great ( except for the occasional rain ) so I opted  for my usual. Which if you guys do not know it by now then shame on you. It doesn't matter which coffee spot I am at but an Iced Caramel Soy Latte girl. It will always be my go to coffee beverage I cannot help it! If you guys have never tried it then you NEED too! So bloody good!


Outro's iced latte was a bit on the bitter side but nothing some sugar couldn't fix. I definitely recommend this place if you are ever in the city and needing of a aesthetically pleasing pick me up!












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