How Do I Keep My Creative Flow Going

I see this all the time. You have literally burnt yourself trying to come up with new blog posts or even ideas. It happens. Trust me. I used to be just like this when I decided to take a break from blogging. I was still posting on Instagram but I was REALLY trying to rack my brain to come up with posts for you guys. It was hard but then I stopped over thinking. I stopped caring whether or not people would read my blog. AS soon I changed my way of thinking. I have seen such a drastic difference. I stopped trying to fit out and I wanted to stand out instead. I started creating for myself and I have seen a big difference!

It was like all I needed was to change my mentality and ever since I did that...I have all these ideas swirling around in my head and I try to write them out as quickly as possible but my hands can only go so fast. When that happens...I tend to whip out the good ol laptop and type it out instead. Sometimes it's not even just blog's literally the entire post.. EVERY single word can be written in one sitting and sometimes that scares me. In a good way of course haha.

For example this post. I am actually sitting down in Gregory's Coffee writing this out and thankfully something told me to bring my laptop today. I have been sitting here and this is literally the 5th blog post that I have written in this spot. I also think setting contributes to how well ideas come to you as well. For me I can be anywhere and have an idea pop into my head. This ties into why I always carry my planner and my journal with me everywhere I go. Because I just never know when inspiration is going to hit me and I prefer writing on paper than typing things out on my phone. I tend to for get the shit that I write down in my notes. I literally have like 30 blog posts ideas that I wrote down in my notes on my phone and just RECENTLY remembered that they were there. See... you guys could have had BOMB blog posts if I didn't forget about it haha.


Other ways I keep my creativity flowing would be.

  • Music

  • Food

  • Coffee

  • Going for walks around the city

  • Photography

  • Shopping + Window Shopping ( lol )

  • Traveling

  • Magazines

That is just some things that helps me and I hope they could help you guys as well!


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