April Recap & Favourites

Can you believe that it is already May! We are almost halfway through with the year and I swear it still feels like it JUST turned 2018 and I JUST turned 26. I still cannot get over it. My sister is due in August again so I will be heading back to San Diego to be there for the birth of my nephew and to celebrate my Chunkster's first birthday! I cannot believe she is almost 1!

I wanted to share what I have been loving during this bipolar month of April. Whilst we were fighting with Mother Nature to actually give us Spring weather. There were so many things I actually disliked about April but in the end I guess the good outweighed the bad for me to write this post.

A quick recap of the month.

I started editing my photos differently on Instagram and I really appreciate the feedback on it for sure. I wasn't sure how that was going to be taken but I have been happy with the outcome. A few of you have been asking me on Instagram what my feed would look like in colour and I decided that I should share it with you all! After all I am super happy with it!



I came back full force this month with so many new and insightful blog posts! I definitely have my writing mojo back! To be honest I am currently writing this in my favourite coffee spot ( if you guys don't know where that is by now then you all fail ) and I feel so inspired. I think that is why I am really writing this post. Sitting in Compass Coffee ( I gave it away ) actually prompted me to start writing about local Coffee Spots around the city. I also include some spots in NYC as well since I am there quite often! I am actually going to be there next week Monday-Wednesday so I am pretty excited. Not sure if I will be able to visit a new coffee spot but I will try my best!

I also had the opportunity to attend the Ideal of Sweden World Tour event in NYC and it was amazing! I got to see my goons ( Ingrid, Joann and Vivian ) and drank bottomless Mimosas which is always a plus in my book! I did write a NYC Recap post about that day and another talking about the event itself so if you want to read those then head down to my archives and click April!

I did take a quick step back from the Beauty Tuesdays posts whilst I actually test out the products. I did have a slight reaction to one of them so I wanted the right side of my face to heal first. It wasn't bad. It just looked like I ate something that I wasn't supposed too but it only affected my right cheek lol. I know which product caused it and I am debating whether or not I should even write a review on that product because I don't think it will be a good one.

No worries though...Beauty Tuesdays will definitely pick back up for sure in May!

I do have a lot of collaborations coming your way as well & I am also thinking about going back to Youtube even though I am super awkward infront of the camera. I have to tackle that awkwardness head on!

April wasn't as eventful as I thought it was going to be so I decided that May will be alot more exciting and I will be sharing more & more with you all! Plus I will also try sharing on instastories as well. I have to get back to being somewhat sociable on social media lol!


Current Favourite Song:

Portrait by Bang Yongguk


Current Favourite Show:

Running Man


Current Favourite Food:

Spicy Miso Ramen


Current Favourite Drink:

Iced Caramel Soy Latte


Current Makeup Favourites:

Bronzer - Becca Cosmetics

Foundation - Vapour Beauty

Eyeshadow - Pixi Beauty

Lippie - NYX


Current Beauty Favourites:

Saturday Skin


Volition Beauty


Wasn't sure if I should add brands or not! I spent majority of April in my apartment lol! Maybe in May I will incorporate some of my favourite brands and what clothing pieces I loved the most.



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