Mother's Day Gift Guide


Ah, Mothers Day! There is nothing like the connection that one has with their Mother. In my case with my 2 Mothers. I don't think that I ever shared this but my Aunt actually raised me until I was 3 because my Dad passed away before I was born and my Mum was in a really bad place. She has postpartum depression and heartbreak from becoming a widow so she was in no place to raise a 3 kids alone let alone a newborn who needed major attention. So, I always say that I have 2 Mothers on Mothers Day. I call my Aunt & I tell her Happy Mothers Day every year!


My Mother isn't very hard to shop for. I normally give her money and let her pick what she wants because that is basically the easiest thing to do without her hording shit. During Christmas I did however pick some items for her that I KNEW she needed like a new robe, a spa set or relaxation etc. This time I wanted to bounce off of that and create another relaxation gift guide for her! I am also making this list hoping that my siblings see it and also pick an item from this list to get her as well.


Just so you know...the gym literally relaxes her and she can be there for about 3-4 hours without realising that time has passed at all! If you are interested in purchasing any of these items then all you have to do is click on the photo and it will take you to the website!




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