What Do I Shoot With?

Hello my lovely readers! How are you all doing today?

I have been getting a lot of questions about what Camera I use to shoot my instagram photos with. Well, I am FINALLY updating this post!

When I first started blogging...I was using my Note 3 phone that I had at the time. The quality of the photos were shit now that I actually look back at those photos. I went from shooting with my Note 3 to using a used Canon Rebel t3i that I bought off of Ebay. The condition was great and it came with 2 lenses which to me was great. I immediately noticed a difference with the photos. What I really needed to work on at the time was posing and getting comfortable in front of the camera.

With the passing years... I wanted to get better. I wanted my photos to stand out and I started to work harder. When I first started blogging. It wasn't as popular as it is now. So, I never thought that I needed my photos to be on point and of course my personal style was an understatement. My style has changed so much since I started blogging it is ridiculous but it is all for the better.

For awhile I was content with how things were. My blog was doing fairly well but I started obsessing over numbers. I wanted no NEEDED to do better. To stand out. To gain more of a following. Why? Because brands only wanted to work with bloggers who had a good following. At this time I had less than 10k followers and I decided that if I wasn't going to get collabs based on numbers then I could  get collaborations based on my content. What did that mean? That meant that I needed a better camera and a better phone.

I went from the Canon to an Olympus Em5 Mark ii and if you guys know anything about Olympus cameras is that they are pricey but it was an investment. I knew that I wanted to make a career out of blogging ( hopefully if I played my cards right ). With my upgraded camera came upgraded photos and editing styles. Which brands noticed and I began collaborating with brands with less than 10k. Granted majority of them were unpaid which was okay at FIRST because I was still trying to build my following. With the small handful of brands I was working with.....came shoutouts and being reposted on their page. Which in turn brought new followers to my page. That's when I decided to branch out.

Not only was I posting Fashion outfit posts but I started creating Flatlays, incorporating Beauty and Lifestyle posts as well. It did mean that I was taking on more work BUT I loved it! I was creating amazing content and all I was using was my Olympus Em5 Mark ii.. I was also shooting with my phone. I currently have the iPhone X and I shoot all of my flatlays and lifestyle photos with it. Honestly majority of the time I end up shooting my OOTD looks with my phone because I do a lot of editing on my phone as well so I can create a cohesive feed on my Instagram.

I promised that I was going to share how I currently edit my photos as well but I will be saving that for another blog post.

What I am trying to say is...you technically do NOT need a fancy camera to take amazing photos. Just get an amazing phone with a dope camera and take your photos.


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