Let's Get Coffee #5

I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my coffee posts. Between travelling to NYC and not being able to go to one ( they offered coffee on set but I don't drink hot coffee ) to flying to San Diego ( my sister made me stay in here apartment the entire time I was there ) then coming back to DC only to be on set again for 3 days. It was a lot to handle and I realised that I was so far behind on creating content for you guys & not to mention all the collaborations that I had piling up to shoot as well. I am pretty sure you guys noticed the increase of flatlays on my Instagram lately. Not that I am complaining but it seems like I was transitioning into only flatlays when that wasn't the case. I just needed to get back into the flow of things. From the lack of sleep from travelling, being on set and just everything that was going on family wise. I was burnt out. I stopped posting on Instagram and on social media for awhile. Which was a much needed break that I KNEW I needed.

Now that I am getting back into the swing of things....I wanted this coffee post to be the 2nd ( I recently wrote a Beauty Tuesdays post that you guys can read here ). I have actually been to this coffee spot numerous times but I haven't been back since I started this segment on the blog.

I recently went back to Emissary with Lilia from Lily-like and it was nice to just sit down and enjoy our coffee and our food. Well after taking our obligatory photos for Instagram that is ( you know how bloggers are for that one shot! ).

I ordered my usual Iced Caramel Soy Latte even though I LOVE & I do mean LOVE their Iced Hot Chocolate. It's basically chocolate milk without all the extra sweetness. I also ordered an Egg Sandwich on a Brioche Bun with an Arugula Salad on the side ( which I didn't eat ).

I think Emissary is one Coffee Spot I will always recommend because they also serve alcohol & who doesn't love a good happy hour after a long day?


  1. Emissary looks amazing, the food is mouth-watering, yum!

  2. Doesn't it! Definitely one place that I always recommend to everyone who is visiting Washington DC!