Zara Sale Wishlist

It's the most wonderful time of year...and I don't mean Christmas! I mean sales...more specifically Zara's sale! Now, I am not really a die hard fan wen it comes to Zara and their products but every so often I find myself finding a few hidden gems here and there whilst I am online shopping. That doesn't mean that I will be purchasing everything on my list ( if anything at all ) but it's good to know that I can purchase a few items to take with me on my upcoming trip back to San Diego!

Also, I know so many of you guys always ask me what my tips and tricks are when it comes to shopping and saving money...key word SAVE! I am a massive sucker for saving money. I won't dish out $50 for a pair of sneakers that I know I probably wont wear that often but I will wait and spend $20 on those same pair of sneakers. See right there alone...I saved $3o which can go towards something else.

I have listed a few items that I have my eye on from the sale. Feel free to shop to your hearts content! I am also still working on a shopping guide since that is something that is currently highly requested from you lovelies.

Shop each item: 

Creased Tee

Asymmetric Top 

T-shirt W/ Knotted Hem

 Striped Blouse W/ Bow 

Striped Top W/ Cuffs

High Waisted Flared Jeans

Check Pants W/ Stripes

Culottes W/ Side Stripes

Platform Sandals 

Slogan Sneakers

Fabric Sneakers

Red Leather Loafers

Mules W/ Buckle 

Black Leather Loafers 

Criss Cross Body Bag

Black Crossbody 

White Mini Tote 

Off White Backpack 

Knotted Bag

Black & Gold Crossbody 

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