5 Things: A Quick Life Update

Hello from the comforts of my bed. I am currently watching Netflix and munching on some chocolate. Even though I know that I should cut out the sweets and hit the gym. Alas I am doing the complete opposite. Sigh. I wish that I was sipping on a nice Iced Caramel Soy Latte but seeing as though I am was home all day... I will get some tomorrow. I wanted to write this blog post to kinda give you guys a bit of an life update ( as if the title of this post didn't give it away ).

1. For the past couple of months I have actually been working on Films, Commercials and TV segments. It has been very time consuming but fun non the less. This is actually something that I never thought I would be dipping my toes in but it is quite enjoyable. I have also met some amazing people in this field as well.

2. I did take a step back from blogging this month. I think it kinda went downhill after I came back from San Diego. That whole trip just put me in a while funk which messed up my vibe. Plus coming back and hopping right into filming kinda just messed up my whole schedule.

3. I have been having some really bad stomach issues lately and because now since I don't have insurance ( I am passed the age of being on my Mum's ) I am trying to best to not let anything stress me out and I have actually started really standing up for myself. I don't want anymore flare ups & random fevers. I am over it.

4. I have come to terms that Social Media isn't my life. I think this stems from me currently being unhappy and I cannot pretend to be happy anymore. My content have been complete shit lately ( at least to me ) from when I first started. Everything is so different now. Who knows when my love for it will come back.

5. I am itching to travel and get away. I really want to disconnect from reality and just live in the moment. No phone, no social media and no internet. I don't mind sharing after I return but I think that will be the best for my health.

Well there you guys have it. A quick little life update. Things will get better in the next couple of months. I am turning my life around and the first thing that is going to change is my diet. Being unhappy brought on eating nothing but junk food and sugary snacks. If anyone have any tips let me know!

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