Things I Actually LIKE About Summer


I am pretty sure that you guys are tired of me saying over and over how much I hate Summer but I never really talk about some of the reasons why I actually like Summer. I think that I should write a post like this for each season ( I am only saying this because Fall is like right around the corner ).

I don't think water counts as something I like about Summer but man oh man does a girl need much more water in this unbearable heat.

Iced Coffee

I actually drink this in every season. I for the life of me cannot do hot coffee but I do like to take photos of pretty latte arts. You know as long as it's not mine. I am actually on the hunt for a very affordable coffee maker so that I can start making my own delicious coffee at home. That is also a great way to save money as well.


Summer Nights

Okay, I love to walk and one of my favourite things to do is actually walk around the city on Fall and Summer nights. Just listening to music, hanging out with friends and just talking or casually taking in the scenery with that special someone. That's the only thing I like...that and not worrying about all the additional layers.


The Pool

I don't really got to the pool to swim. I actually go to enjoy the view ( at least the ones in California ). I take a book with me or I take a journal and I write. I find it to be super peaceful. I am kinda excited to sit by the pool again when I go to San Diego. As for the pool in my neighborhood. NO! Definitely not. I have actually never been to the pool in my neighborhood and I don't think I ever will until I move.



I love hiking. If hiking could be a legit way to exercise and lose weight or all the weight that I gained then oh my goodness this would be for me. I actually love hiking with my Mum. She pushes me to different heights and I just feel at peace whenever I am done talking to her.


Well there you guys have it. Even though Summer is the worst. There are some great things that come out of it.

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