6 Habits To Make You A Happy Morning Person

We have all been there. Waking up to the annoying sound of your alarm. The constant urge to keep hitting snooze. Groaning because you know that you have to get up and tackle the day. Normally the first thing that I do in the morning ( because I use my phone as an alarm ) is check my phone. This means, responding to text messages, checking my email, social media or whatever app that has a notification next to it. Since I work from home..I skip a morning shower ( all depending on what my day consists of ) make myself a smoothie because it's lighter than actual breakfast and I for some odd reason even to this day still don't eat breakfast. Then after all of that...I begin my day.

Sounds pretty simple right?

Even with a simple morning...I was still unhappy. I didn't have any positive habits. Did you guys know that 40% of our everyday actions are said to be habits. We tend to be what we repeatedly do...so if I wanted to change my life one thing I needed to do was change this habit.

I wanted to share some morning habits that will make my life happier ( not just my mornings ).

1. Unplug 

Reaching for my phone is the first thing that I do in the morning. I feel like that already is a big negative. Checking emails and social media first thing in the morning starts my day off with other people and for other people. I want to use my mornings for myself.

So, now my tip is to try not checking my phone first thing in the morning and detaching from technology ( minus music ) for about an hour whilst I attempt to focus on myself.

2. Staying Hydrated

This Summer is brutal and with this heat means that I need to stay hydrated. What I didn't realize was I don't drink enough water throughout the day. Did you guys know that we wake up super dehydrated after a good nights sleep? This could be why my mouth feels like straight up cotton in the mornings.

I have learned that adding lemon to a glass of warm water helps removes toxins from your body that built up overnight. Plus it provides a good source of Vitamin C and supports weight loss which I need right now.

3. Showing Gratitude

This allows me to celebrate the present. I am in dire need of positive emotions and having gratitude balances out my negative ones.

Now before I get out of bed...I give myself a few minutes to smile and practice gratitude. I also say a few positive things about myself as well. They don't have to be anything big just small little moments of gratitude a day is okay.

4. Exercise

This is something that I don't do but I need to get into the habit of doing. Exercise helps the body wake up and by doing so all of your cells become active and ready for the day.

I kinda wanna start doing morning yoga. I normally go for a walk ( to 7-11 ) or play music and dance around whilst cleaning cause you know you burn calories that way as well. It energizes the body and the mind.

5. Breakfast

I am guilty of not eating breakfast at all in the mornings. I always hear how breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I fail every single time. I am going to start eating a light healthy breakfast so I can get a boost of energy and get the body ready for the day.

6. Writing\ Journaling

I write a lot and now that bullet journaling and writing short stories are super popular right now. It boosts creativity and it also relieves stress. I literally write everything down. With the amount of stationary I own...it is super easy. From to-do's, to planning out my whole week. This is one of the best moments to put down your phone and write everything.

Write down your goals as well...it makes it easier to complete daily goals or monthly goals as well.


Well there you guys have it. These are some steps I will start implementing starting from today ( It is currently 11:21am and I haven't eaten breakfast but I will make a smoothie and finish cleaning ). Maybe I will start living a happier life tomorrow morning.

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