Falling Back in Love with Creating

I think that I can personally say that we have all been there at some point ( I know I have ). It's like the love that I had for creating content was slowly disappearing. It turned into a job and I became a mindless zombie..creating content because I had to not because I wanted to. My blog/social media became a sea of sponsored/collaboration posts and I forgot why I started creating content in the first place. I started questioning why? Why am I doing still doing this if I wasn't happy? Am I right?

It became all about numbers and followers and insights and I was just driving myself crazy. So, I did what any person who actually loved creative content but lost their way would do. I turned off my business account on Instagram and I started posting content that I wanted to show. I didn't care if that meant losing followers who were used to seeing my instagram/blog a certain way. I wanted to find my passion again and that was one day to do so. 

I took a step back from social media and focused solely on my blog, from revamping to posting posts that made me happy to sit down and write about again. Let me be completely honest. I feel like that was what I missed. To be able to sit down and write out 4-5 blog posts in a day because I WANTED to not because I HAD to. You know? I wanted to share my life, my thoughts and my feelings with my readers again and find the reason I started this path in the first place. Well my life to an extent...I don't really share that much of my personal life because I do believe that some things shouldn't be shared with the world. Like who are you dating, etc. I think that people get so caught up in your love life ( if you post about it ) that when you break up...it will be a shit storm to deal with and I love love...I mean I love seeing people happy and smiling and genuinely in love. Cue any sappy love story/movie you can find and give me a box of tissues. Anyways getting way off topic.

I think I am in a place where I love creating content. There are days I do find myself stuck but instead of stressing about it like I used to...I just step back, destress and rethink everything. If I need to take a break...then I will take a break. If I want to play video games, drink a smoothie, go get coffee, change my surroundings then I will do it. 

There was also a point where I wasn't shooting...so I didn't really have any content to post in the first place. It honestly was like a breath of fresh air. I didn't have to worry about pleasing anyone. I was still like creating flatlays to post because I do like creating them ( not lately though ). Now, that I have gotten back into somewhat shooting outfit, coffee and beauty ( lifestyle ) content...I feel a little at peace. It was like a needed that break to really get my head back together. 

Let me be perfectly clear...creating content has been something I loved since I can remember. Whether it was tearing up old clothing to make new clothing for my dolls, drawing ( yes, I used to draw and paint ), Fashion Design ( I realised I liked putting on a fashion show than being in one ) and finally landing on my love for Marketing. I was always involved in the creative field somehow. Not that I am complaining at all. I just always saw myself doing something in the creative field as I got older and now that I am ( I never pictured myself being a blogger to be honest ) but I am not a full time blogger ( for now maybe I am who knows ) I still work on the side as a freelancer. I do Fashion shows, Film and Commercials. Even still...I am still in the creative field doing what I love and loving what I do. 

I don't think I will ever stop creating content as long as social media exists. I am happy being able to create content that you guys love. 


Tee - Sugar High 

Blazer - H&M

Jeans - H&M

Sneakers - Go Jane

Bucket Bag - Ross

Watch - Nordgreen

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