Day 1 : How "Lelondonchic" was created

How did I come up with 'Lelondonchic'. I think I get asked this question so many times. This is something that I really wanted to share with you guys but I just never actually sat down to do so. Plus, I think that I had to gather all of my thoughts on this topic first before starting. Some of you have asked me 'how I started blogging?' or 'how did I come up with my blog/instagram name?' and I did answer one out of 2 questions so...I guess I will answer the other one now. 

It's a pretty long story to be honest. Well it might seem long to me but now that I am writing it might be shorter who knows at this point. 

Back in friend Jane ( using a fake name ) and I ( I don't remember how we met ) but we both loved Fashion and after months of talking, getting to know eachother etc... We decided to try blogging together. Since I was in Washington DC and she was back in London. We thought that sharing styles from each country would be an amazing idea. 

So, we did what any other person would do. We started brainstorming some ideas about what our blog name should be. We must have tossed around at least 10-15 blog name ideas. I remember because this was around the time I was working an office job, bored out of my mind ( I normally finished my work in 15 minutes ) so I just sat there all day putting a bunch of names together. I figured since we were both British...I wanted to definitely work 'London' into the mix. After writing out 'London' maybe 30 times over and over...'Lelondonchic' came to be. I loved the way it just rolled off of my tongue and hello it just sounded so chic! 

I sent Jane ( again fake name ) the names that I came up with and we both LOVED 'Lelondonchic'. So, of course you guys know I set the wheels in motion. This is the part where I should have done my research before just jumping into just using any bloody website BUT non the less...I did. I created OUR website and I was so excited to start blogging on it. I thought Jane shared in my excitement but I guess she didn't because after I did all the work. She ended up backing out last minute and there I was stuck with a website. I wanted to die. I did all of that work of creating the name and the website and she no longer wanted to blog together. 

So, there I was with a brand new website that contained no content and I ALMOST just shut everything down. I mean safe to say I am happy that I didn't because I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today if I did but what upset me the most was her bailing on me. I mean who wouldn't be?

Well if you think that isn't bad then fast forward a couple years after ( maybe like 2 years later so 2016 ) and Jane reaches out to me VIA instagram saying that she was shocked by how well I am doing with Lelondonchic and if she could start blogging with me again. I knew that it was a bad idea but being the nice person that I am...I still said yes mainly because it was out idea to blog together in the first place. This was when I was still blogging on blogger. So, I told her that I was going to set everything up for her so it was easy blah blah blah and just like the first time Jane BAILED on me again. I was shocked but I wasn't mad because I worked hard to get Lelondonchic to where it is now and I guess deep down I didn't want someone coming in randomly and taking credit for the work that I did. 

Then came 2017 and of course Lelondonchic has reached over 10k followers on social media and my blog readership is just amazing ( thank you so much you guys are just phenomenal ) and here comes Jane sliding into my DM's again on instagram. Saying that she is serious about blogging and she wanted to blog with me for real this time. Hmmm. You see where I am going with this. So, I asked her if she was 100% sure this time because I was kinda tired of her saying she was serious then bailing on me again last minute. She said of course she was serious. So, I thought about it. I wasn't really going to say yes right off the bat because of what's been happening but I was still going to consider it. She then tells me that she is pregnant and cannot blog anymore but maybe after the baby ( were on this year 2018 now ) and I was like sure but maybe deep down I wasn't holding my breath anymore. 

I am thankful that I didn't give up and that I continued working on Lelondonchic and building it to what it is now. I have met and worked with such amazing people and some of my really good friends I met through Instagram. I have gotten to attend amazing events, enter the field of commercial and film all from blogging. It has given me the confidence to put myself out there and I am also not afraid of rejection ( from working with brands ). I personally think that blogging has made me a little tougher ( is that an actual word? ) as well and it opened my eyes to who really supports you and who uses you. 

Lelondonchic will continue to thrive because I have amazing readers like you guys. Thank you for always supporting me! I have another great blog post for you guys coming soon! 


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