Let’s Get Coffee #8

She is back....back again! Jia's back! Tell a friend! Give me all the iced coffee in the world!

Man! Let me first say I am completely and utterly sorry for the lack of coffee shops reviews. I have been stuck in a rut and just been working on catching up on all of my deadlines. Work work work. Which mainly meant that I was only going to Compass Coffee for all of my coffee fixings.

However, I told myself that I was going to stop venturing to new places on hold and just go go go! With that being said....I wanted to introduce a new coffee shop to you guys! I have actually been to this "The Wydown Coffee Bar" location before but I actually wasn't doing this series on the blog at the time so naturally I didn't write a review.

I am actually sitting in The Wydown Coffee Bar right now ( if you guys didn't guess yet...this post is about this particular coffee shop ). I love the ambiance. The location on 14th St is actually quite small but I guess that is what makes it as cute as it is. Even though this location is small...it is definitely still bigger than Bluestone in Georgetown.

So, I was told last week that Soy Milk is actually really bad for you! I didn't know that and I have been indulging in nothing but Soy milk every single time I order my Iced Lattes. No bueno. I wish someone would have told me this before I drank my life away in Soy Milk. Nonetheless...I am thankful that someone brought it to my attention. So, after doing my research on what 'milk alternative' I should get since regular milk is definitely out of the question ( me being lactose and all ) and since Soy is also NOW out of the question.

I came across an Instagram story talking about 'Oat Milk' now me being skeptical I googled. I am the worst when it comes to googling things. I could have a really bad cold and google would tell me that I am dying. Sick! Thank you google.

Turns out that 'Oat Milk' was a better alternative than Soy Milk and I knew that I should try a substitution today. Well, Oat Milk is actually thicker but I don't think that it is exactly good for me either. So, with that being said. I think that I am going to be trying Almond Milk from now on. 

I think that overall...'The Wydown Coffee Bar' is a spot that I will visit again but I don't think anytime soon. Not that it's bad or anything but it's further than some of the usual spots that I got to.

Since I will be working in Georgetown...I will definitely be posting even more coffee locations! Whoop whoop! 

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