Let's Get Coffee #9

Oh hello Monday, nice to see you again. Well sorta. 

I recently came to Georgetown but after lunch I surprisingly didn't venture to any new coffee spots in the area...instead I went to Compass...then I decided to go home. I just wasn't in the mood for coffee that day or being around people. I mean everyone has an off day right? You know the ones where you want to be alone with your thoughts, eating ice-cream and watching romantic comedies on Netflix to feel slightly better. Yeah, those days. Okay, I think that I am getting a little off track. 

So, right now I am sitting down in the Amazon Books store ( which is located in Georgetown ) writing this and for some odd reason I am loving the silence. Well minimal talking. I have time to think and actually plan out content for you guys. Not that I don't love going to bustling nosy coffee shops and being around people. Sometimes it's good if not GREAT to be able to think without using my music to tune anyone out. 

Downstairs of the Amazon Book Store ( they sell more than books so should I call it a store? ) there is a corner coffee spot that is run by Allegro. I have actually posted a photo of their coffee on my instagram page before and I was so surprised when they LOVED it! 

This time around... I have been sorta kinda slightly weening myself off of coffee for a bit. It is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. Well, look at me being all dramatic and what not. So, instead of ordering my usual ( or in this case a regular Iced Latte ) I ordered an Iced Black Tea. They didn't have lemon to make is slightly lemony ( is that a legit word? ) and I definitely had to sweeten it drastically because it was so bitter. I should have turned it into Milk Tea but my head wasn't really functioning that day. 

I will definitely go again and order something different. I am trying to branch out from my go to drink...which fails majority of the time because I never know what to get. 

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