Holiday Movies | Blogmas Day 4

Woah, I cannot believe that it's already day 4! I am not going to lie it feels really great being able to sit down anywhere and write out all these posts for you guys! For this post I thought since you know Blogmas sounds like Christmas...I wanted to share some of my favorite Holiday movies! I mean who doesn't love Holiday Movies!? It was definitely a tradition in our household where we would wake up early in the morning and watch movies together as a family.

I wanted to share some of my favorite movies that I still watch every year to this year. I will share some from my childhood and the rest will be a variation of movies I have grown to love the older I got. Let me know if you guys have seen any of these movies and which ones are your favorites!

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The first 3 movies are from my childhood 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' which is a classic by the way and I think everyone needs to watch! 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas' another classic with Jim Carrey! They are doing an animated remake but I think everyone should watch the Jim Carrey version before watching the new animated one! The last one would be 'Jack Frost' which is such a sad but touching story. I personally think that EVERYONE needs to watch Jack Frost at least once in their lives!

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Now that I am older...I have learned to appreciate Holiday movies that fits my life. 'The Polar Express' is another classic that I think everyone should watch. One movie that I grew to love was 'The Holiday' my Mum would watch the crap out of that movie and I am pretty sure that I know all the words by heart now. Insane right? The last movie is a product from a classic! 'The Best Man' was an amazing movie showcasing African American actors and when they came out with 'The Best Man Holiday' of course you guys know that I had to watch it....oh my god all of the emotions and the feelings I got watching this movie made all these emotions I didn't know I had surface.

I swear I could go on forever about my favorite Holiday Movies but I didn't want to make this post longer than it needed to be!

Stay tuned for Day 5!

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