Let's Get Coffee #13 ( Last of the Year )

The year came to an end rather quickly and in a blink of an eye it's going to be my birthday again. I am slowly dreading my birthday now. Why? Because I am getting older and I am not really where I want to be in my life but I am learning that it is completely okay to not have your shit together right now. That doesn't mean that I am slacking off...no I am working towards my dreams and my goals. This year...I thought sight of what my end goal but I think now I really know what I want to do. I have been throwing it out into the universe and I know that it will happen for me and even if it doesn't happen for me this year then it definitely will happen for me next year.

Okay, enough of that! I am working on some Blogmas posts for you guys and I do have a small blog post that will be explaining just was "Blogmas" is just incase some of you guys were confused. I think I mentioned in my second to last "Let's Get Coffee" post that I have been visiting so many new coffee shops and cafe's lately but because I needed a new laptop I have been neglecting my blog for the 1,000x time this year. I have noticed ( and I am pretty sure you guys have as well ) the significant decline in blog posts the last couple of months. It's really not intentional. I promise you. It's just that I was in a rut and no amount of time...me telling myself that I was going to write a blog post today was going to actually get to login to wordpress to write a blog post. Even though I had all these ideas swirling around my head. I didn't even want to OPEN wordpress.

Anyways...I can literally sit here and ramble on but I think that this is enough sad and depressing shit for this post. Now to get into something exciting..like the actual topic that this blog post is about. Which I mean if the title doesn't give it away then I don't know what to tell you guys!

I wanted to tell you guys about this new cafe/coffee spot that I was introduced to by my blogger friend Erin! I think that I have actually mentioned her before when I was sharing my experience at a blogger brunch that she hosted at Masa 14! If you guys want to read it the you can click here. Just keep in mind that I wrote that LAST YEAR! I think my reviews have gotten a bit better since then haha. Like I was saying...Erin introduced to me to this very aesthetically pleasing ( like I can live here...seriously...if they are reading this...I would LOVE TO LIVE IN A ROOM ). It's attached to a hotel and even the hotel ( which is brand spanking new ) is just goals. I am so sorry compass but I think Kintsugi will be my new home until I find somewhere else. It's known as Eaton so let's just call it Eaton BUT the coffee spot does have it's own name and instagram which I did mention above.

I am going to jump into this review...it will be slightly longer than my normal coffee reviews just because I really have a lot to say about it. By the way for my new readers and I have noticed that there are a few of you ( so hello ) I don't get paid to write these reviews. I spend my own money to check out these locations and write about them! So, if you guys are ever interested in visiting DC you can visit my blog and never have to ask for recommendations when it comes to cafes. I am working on restaurants but until I get there...I will settle on coffee. Everyone loves coffee.

Let's start with the good! Why? Because everyone loves hearing good things before they read the bad. It's kinda like reading yelp reviews just not limited to a certain amount of words.

If you are a content creator this is a paradise for you. Especially of your aesthetic is more neutral and earth tones. It's like a paradise for me and as I walked in...I was in love with the interior alone. Safe to say that I can create endless content here which means that they will be taking all of my money. I love the openness. Some coffee locations are very tiny with limited seating but this place is rather on the large side which is good. It has tons of seating and I don't mean like tables and hard stools I mean plush seating so if you want to sit there and write blog posts all day then your bum wont be numb. The prices aren't bad either! Plus they have latte art for all my content creators out there.

Bad: lack of outlets ( that's about it )

Overall I loved Eaton and I have definitely been back a couple times before leaving D.C!